ENR- Committee

ENR_CSO network steering committee elected and inaugurated during the networks annual general meeting held in 2015.

Farm practice

Good agricultural practices that support adaptation to climate change

Mixed farming

Adapting to climate change by practicing mixed farming.

Water reservior—2
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Self selection of CSOs & IPOs into Uganda's national REDD+ structures



The vision statement “Uganda’s natural environment providing goods
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To “Mobilize CSOs to effectively promote good governance,
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“Ensuring that ENR-CSO network members effectively
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The Network for Civil Society Organisations in Environment and Natural Resources sector (referred to as the ENR-CSO Network) is a loose coalition of civil society organizations engaged in policy lobbying and advocacy towards good governance and better service delivery in the environment and natural resources sector in Uganda. It is a membership network composed of mainly local NGOs and CBOs with a few International NGOs.



Core biz

  •  Lobbying and advocacy for enabling sector policies and good governance in the ENR Sector.
  • Membership mobilization, information sharing and joint monitoring/advocacy
  • Networking among members and between the network and other players in ENR Sector.
  • Capacity building for the network members
  • Engaging and influencing decisions making processes and policy implementation in the ENR Sector.
  • Generation and dissemination of lessons from ENR-CSO members’ activities and information about the sector performance
  • Strengthening capacity of ENR-CSO Network members and other stakeholders in lobbying and advocacy
  • Building a credible ENR-CSO Network
PDF_downlaod Forest Resource Sector Transparency Programme in Uganda 2013-2017 (Care Intl-Ug)
PDF_downlaod Uganda’s National REDD+ Programme 2017
PDF_downlaod Joint GOU-Development Partners Sector Review 2017 Agreed Minutes
PDF_downlaodWater and Environment Sector Performance Report 2017

PDF_downlaodENR-CSO Network Position Paper for Joint Sector Review 2016

PDF_downlaodENR-CSO Network Presentation for Joint Sector Review 2016