Technology needs

Technology Needs Assessment for Climate Change Adaptation in the Forestry Sector in Uganda. Online Water Week: 13th-18th September, 2020, By: Zake J, Namirembe, S., Kasule D., Onapa, O. M.


Integrating Water Sanitation and Hygiene in school development plans; Experiences, lessons and recommendations based on the five schools in Kampala. Online Water Week: 13th-18th September, 2020. Sub-theme 1: Water and Environment Security for Inclusive –growth, Presented by Kizito Charles-Program officer—ENR @Environmental Alert


enr csoannual performance report2019

Ministry of Water and Environment Sector Performance Review/Validation Meeting 2020. ENR-CSOs annual performance Report, 2019/20. Prepared and presented by Dr. Joshua Zake (Ph.D.), Executive Director, Environmental Alert. On behalf of the ENR-CSO Network Secretariat, 3rd September 2020.

status of performance

Status of performance of the Directorate of Environment affairs in Uganda, presented by Ag. DEA Ministry of Water and Environment 2020

presentation on 2019

Presentation on the 2019/20 performance of the good governance sector, presentation to the ENR CSO network on 21st august, 2020

forest sector support

Ministry of Water and Environment sector performance report for forestry (minus NFA performance), 2020

enr cso annual performance review meeting

ENR – CSO annual performance review meeting, prepared by Mugabi Stephen David, 20/08/2020

unma performance

2019/20 Water & Environment sector performance report, highlights of the 2019/20, UNMA performance by: Nakalule Prossy, for: ED/UNMA